Indexation Plans

Users can create CPI Indexation Plans in the Rent Table tab of their lease to index their lease and non-lease terms.

The lease must be activated before creating an indexation plan. You can create multiple indexation plans, but they must not have the same Modification Date and Currency.

Note that you can only create an indexation plan if the Indexation Type selected when creating the lease is "CPI Local" or "CPI Global".

Indexation plans can be executed individually through the lease, or you can execute multiple indexation plans at once through the CPI Mass Indexation module.

To create an indexation plan:

  1. After the lease has been activated, click in the Rent Table tab in the CPI Indexation Planning Tool section.
  2. Set the Currency. Note that only currencies defined in the lease are shown.
  3. Set the Modification Date. The modification date is the earliest date that you can execute an indexation plan. Note that this date must fall within the dates of the lease, and cannot be earlier than the Modification Date of the most recently executed plan.
  4. Select which terms you would like to index by checking the Apply Indexation on Lease Terms or Apply Indexation on Non-lease Terms checkboxes. Only terms that have "Apply CPI" selected will be indexed.
  5. If your terms use CPI Local, set the Current Index Level, as well as the Indexation Start Date.
  6. If your terms use CPI Global, set the Reference Date, as well as the Indexation Start Date.
  7. If you are using conditional indexation, the associated fields are set by default based on the selected Currency with the information entered when the lease was created or the information from the associated active activation group (if Nakisa Real Estate is IFRS 16/ASC 842 compliant), but can be modified if needed. For more information on configuring conditional indexation, see Adding a Lease.
  8. Click Save.

Once an indexation plan has been created, you can execute it as early as the Modification Date.

To execute an indexation plan:

  1. In the CPI Indexation Planning Tool section, click .
  2. A table opens which lists all valid indexation plans that can be executed. If you are using conditional indexation, the table lists the applicable current index level to be used in the plan at the time of execution. Select the plans you would like to execute.
  3. Click Execute.
  4. The result view shows the results of the execution. You can view your updated payments in the Scheduled Payments module. Once a plan has been executed, it can no longer be edited.

To manage indexation plans:

  1. Click > Edit CPI Indexation Plan to edit an indexation plan while the status is "Open".
  2. Click > View Details to view information about an indexation plan that has been executed.
  3. Click > Archive CPI Indexation Plan to archive an indexation plan.

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