What's New

This section outlines the new features included in Nakisa HR Suite 2023.R3.

User Features

  • Nakisa TeamDesign allows managers to make simple changes to their teams to maintain an effective and up to date Org structure. It equips managers with the capabilities to effectively manage their teams, foster collaboration and streamline the approval and deployment process.

Analysis and Visualization Features

  • A Notifications center has been added so users are made aware of and can track all updates made that impact them, including changes made to Proposals in Nakisa TeamDesign. The Notifications icon will appear on the Suite Header.

  • A Help center has been added to the Suite Header as well as in the Main Menu. It will open the user manual to help you navigate Nakisa HR Suite and its products.
  • Users can now create and save preset Chart Views so the nodes in your org chart displays the vital information you want to see at that time. You can create as many custom views as you want to visualize the information and views you want. This feature is disable by default and will need to be enabled by an administrator.

Technological Advances

  • The Avatars section has been added under the Admin section. Users can now upload avatars into the system to add personnel pictures to nodes that appear in the org chart.
  • The Org Chart now supports dynamic rooting from any node. From the Admin section, you can set the dynamic root so users can only see specific parts of the Org Chart.

  • You can now determine which fields will be globally visible within the application through the Field Management section in the Admin.
  • There have been two User Roles created for Nakisa HR Suite specifically meant to work with Nakisa TeamDesign. The Manager and HR Master roles will have exlusive access to Nakisa TeamDesign.
  • You can modify captions that appear in your Nakisa HR Suite instance using the Caption Management tool in the Admin section.


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