Full Details Pages

The details page splits the information into tabs that group common information together. The elements you see in the full Details Page are determined by:

  • The type of organization you have.
  • The type of object you select.
  • The type of Nakisa HR Suite license your organization purchased.
  • The fields you have access to based on your role.
  • If your database has data for any of the fields in a given section (if there is no data in a certain section, the entire section does not appear in the details page).

The full Details Page tabs are divided into the following categories:

Position Details

The position details tab lists the following information:

  • Position information
  • Location information
  • Company information

Employee Details

The employee detail tab lists the following information:

  • Employee information
  • Contact information
  • Self-identity information
  • Performance information

Employment Details

The employment details tab list the following information:

  • Employment status
  • Tenure
  • Employment Type


The relationships tab lists all the reporting relationships and peers the node has. The relationships tab shows you the following relationships:

  • Manager: The person or position that the node directly reports to.
  • Peers: The other positions that have the same direct report.
  • Direct reports (If applicable): All the employees or positions that report to the selected node.

Within each relationship section there will Relationship Nodes for each individual relationship in that section. For example, if the selected node has five peer relationships, therer will be five peer nodes in that section.

Relationship Nodes

In each of the sections within the relationship tab, there are nodes for the positions that have a relation to the selected node. These nodes offer very basic information about the related node, including:

  • Solid line relation
  • Position name
  • Employee name

You can expand the nodes using the arrow icon to view contact information as well as access the details of that node.

When the relationship nodes are expanded, you can select two options:

  • Details: Opens the details page for the selected relation.
  • Org chart: Opens an org chart with the two nodes and their reporting relationship highlighted.


The compensation tab lists the renumeration information for the position including the annual salary and any bonuses, if applicable.

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