Syncing Your Scenario and Source

While working with scenarios, it is critical to keep the data in your scenario up to date with the data in your source database. Nakisa HR Suite takes a snapshot of the HR data in your ERP database, and uses that data to visualize your org charts and scenarios. In some environments, your ERP database and Nakisa HR Suite can be configured to send updates to that snapshot at scheduled intervals, so changes from the ERP are regularly captured in your Source. But because those changes are not automatically passed forward to your scenarios, you must frequently update your scenario's view of that snapshot. To do this, an option to synchronize your scenario is built right into the Scenario Actions. When you sync your scenario to your source, Nakisa HR Suite runs a report that determines what changes have been made to the source data since you started your scenario, and alerts you to any conflicts that may have occurred in the course of your modeling. Use this report to help resolve the conflicts.

Note: If the scenario key date is already past, you will need to change the key date of the scenario to some time in the future. To change the date, use the Change Key Date function. Change Key Date also includes a sync to the new key date so it is not necessary to run a normal sync once you update the date.

To sync your scenario with your source:

  1. Open the Main Menu and select My Scenarios.
  2. Click the scenario you want to open.
  3. Click the Actions menu and select Sync Scenario. This opens the Sync Scenario tab.
  4. Click Prepare New Report. A dialog opens explaining that any prior reports will be lost, confirming that you want to proceed with theSync Report. Click Confirm. Your scenario will be in read-only mode until the report completes.

    Note: The time it takes to generate a report depends on the number of records in the scenario, the number of changes found in the source data and the number of modeling changes performed in the scenario. The report is generated in the background and when it is complete, you will be sent a notification.

  5. Resolve any conflicts that are identified in the report, then click Apply. When the synchronization has completed, click Sync.

    Note: The sync button is disabled until all conflicts are resolved.

    Warning: The sync operation is irreversible.

Note: For the Change Entity and Change relationship sections, there is a threshold limit of 200 rows. If the sum of these two sections is less than 200, all of the results will display in Nakisa HR Suite. If the sum is 200 or more, you will be notified that you have to use the Export to Excel feature to see entire data set. Any conflicts found will always be displayed.

Sync Report

The sync report performs a three-way comparison between your current scenario, the latest source data and the original data at the time the scenario was created. It will be able to identify what data from the latest source has changed and need to be brought into your scenario, while also keeping track of all of the modeling changes that were made.

Data Difference

Sync Report


No data difference between the three



Source data has changed Scenario data was not modified

Display the source update in the sync report

Automatically bring in source data into the scenario

Source data has not changed Scenario data was modified



Source data has changed Scenario data was modified in the same way



Source data has changed Scenario data was modified and is different


Display and flag record in the sync report.

User to resolve conflict by choosing which set of data will be used

Exception – multiple assignments allowed for these relations

  • Org unit manager assignment
  • Employee assignments to positions

Not perceived as conflict;

display only the source update in the sync report.

Automatically merge source data change alongside scenario modification to have multiple managers / incumbents

If there are conflicts between your source and your scenario, for example, if you want to move a position that has since been deleted, you will need to resolve those issues prior to writeback. For each record that is flagged, you need to decided which delta takes precedence - the update from the source data or the modeling change in the scenario.

Tip: To avoid long lists of conflicts to resolve, it is recommended to frequently run the report during your scenarios.

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