Span of Control Analysis Report

The Span of Control Analysis report displays all managers and their span of control. The report provides general position and employee information along with the following Span of Control information:

  • Active SOC - The active Span of Control for the manager.
  • SOC Lower Bound - The minimum Span of Control for this manager.
  • SOC Upper Bound - The maximum Span of Control for this manager.
  • SOC Status - Shows if the manager is within their SOC Bounds. The status will display following:
    • Optimal - Within the SOC Bounds.
    • Wide - Exceeding the SOC Bounds.
    • Narrow - Below the SOC Bounds.
    • Undefined - SOC Bounds not set.

From this report you can see which manager positions do not have any direct reports, need SOC targets defined or are outside their optimal bounds. You can refine the report, modify the report display, export the report, and modify the SOC bounds.

Refine the Span of Control Analysis report:

The Span of Control analysis report can be refined using the Filter Panel.

Choose Columns to Display and Their Order:

You can choose which columns to display in the Span of Control Analysis report and their order.

Export Span of Control Analysis to Excel:

The Span of Control Analysis can be exported to Excel

Span of Control Analysis Employee Context Menu:

The Span of Control Analysis report has a context menu for each employee on the report. Click the context menu to view the following:

Set the Span of Control Bounds:

The Context Menu also allows you to modify the SOC Bounds. To modify the SOC Bounds, click Edit SOC Bounds from the Context Menu. Then enter the lower and upper bounds and click Submit.

Any changes made to the SOC bounds will be added to the Audit Log.

Mass Edit Span of Control Bounds:

The Span of Control Bounds can be edited by using the Mass Actions from the SOC Report.

  1. From the SOC report, select the Employees you want to mass edit.

    Note: Mass actions will only work if you select at least two employees from the SOC Report.

  2. From the top right of the report, select Mass Actions -> Edit.

  3. Enter the new Span of Control Bounds for the selected Employees and click Submit.

Bulk Edit Span of Control Bounds:

You perform a bulk edit of the SOC bounds using the Data Management function from the Nakisa AdminConsole.

  1. Download a new SSP excel template.
  2. Add a new tab to the excel file and name it SOC bounds.
  3. Enter three columns
    • PositionId
    • SOC Lower Bound
    • SOC Upper Bound
  4. Enter the data into the columns.
  5. Upload the data into Nakisa HR Suite.

    Note: If the data entered is incorrect, it will not appear in the report and the bounds will be undefined.

For more information about how to upload data into Nakisa HR Suite refer to the Nakisa HR Suite Administrator Guide.

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