Approve a Proposal

After all changes and collaborations have been made to a Proposal, it needs to be approved by a designated approver before it is deployed. While working on your Proposal, you need to share it with an approver using the Approvers.

To approve a Proposal:

  1. Ensure an approver has been added to the Proposal.
  2. After all changes have been agreed upon, click Submit.

    A notification will be sent to the approver.

    Note: If you need to make a change after you submit a Proposal, you can click Recall to pull the Proposal back and make more edits.

  3. The approver reviews the changes and can accept or reject the Proposal.
    • If approved, the Proposal is then marked as approved and sent to a deployer.
    • If rejected, it is marked as rejected and the creator can recall the Proposal to make more changes.

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