Create or Remove a Position

Nakisa TeamDesign lets you create and remove position nodes from your team structure.

To Create a New Position:

  1. Right click on the desired parent node and click Create.

    The new position node will appear under the parent node marked with a green plus icon.

  2. Edit the node details to reflect the details of the new position.
      1. Enter the new employee name.
        1. Select the node and right-click.
        2. Select Edit Incumbents.
        3. Enter the name of the employee and click Save.
      2. Edit Position Details.

To Remove a Position

To remove a position node, right click on the desired node and click Delete. If the node is an existing position, it will appear with a red strike-through and the Removed badge. If it is a new node, it will be removed, no matter the changes made to it.

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