Deploy a Proposal

Once all the edits and updates of a Proposal have been approved, the updates need to be deployed so they can be reflected in the Org Chart. The changes need to be deployed by an assigned deployer.

When a deployer logs into Nakisa TeamDesign, the list of Proposals that are waiting for deployment are listed in the Proposal Panel in the Proposals Pending Deployment section. If there are more than one Proposal waiting for deployment, you can filter the and sort the Proposals to help organize yourself.

To Deploy a Proposal:

  1. Open the Proposal and verify all the changes.
  2. Enter the changes into your ERP.
  3. In the Proposal Panel, click Mark as Deployed.

Once the Proposal has been marked as deployed, the Proposal will have a Deployed tag on it and any users associated with the Proposal will receive a notification informing them of the new status.

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