Make Changes to Your Team

Using Nakisa TeamDesign, managers can now make simple team structure change proposals to their organization. Managers can share their proposals with their peers and managers to solicit feedback and get the proposal approved and deployed to ensure a more up to date Org Chart. Making changes to your team has the following process:

  1. Make a Proposal of your changes.
  2. Share and collaborate with other managers to get feedback on your changes.
  3. Send your changes for approval.
  4. Once approved, send the changes to be deployed in your company ERP.

The ability to make changes using Nakisa TeamDesign is restricted and is determined by your user role access. If you have access to use Nakisa TeamDesign, you are limited to making changes within your AOR.

Nakisa TeamDesign has two modes:

  • View mode - View mode is Nakisa OrgInsight.
  • Edit mode - Allows Managers to edit their teams using the edit features.

While in edit mode, the frame has a pink background marked with Edit Mode - New Proposal, the Proposal Panel opens, and the edit action icons appear. You are limited to making changes only within your AOR, other areas in the Org Chart will be greyed out.

Once in Edit mode, the manager can begin to Create a Proposal for changes within their team. The Proposal Panel tracks all the changes made while you are in edit mode working on your Proposal. The Proposal Panel also lets managers share their Proposal with relevant collaborators and approvers to discus and ensure all the changes are agreed upon and finalized.

Once everyone agrees on the changes, the manager can click the Submit button to finalize the changes. If you need to make a change once you submit your proposal, you can press the Recall button to make more changes.

After you submit your proposal, your changes will be reviewed and approved by a delegated approver and Deploy a Proposal by a delegated deployer. Once approved and deployed the changes will be reflected in the org chart.

Note: While in edit mode, a manager can only make changes to their Area of Responsibility (AOR) and will not have access to other teams.


Any users that are associated with a Proposal will receive notifications when there are updates made. The Notification will appear in the Notification icon located on the Suite Header. When you click on a Notification that is related to a Proposal, it will automatically bring you to the update in the Proposal. These updates includes:

  • Being added as a collaborator, approver, and/or deployer.
  • When the state of the Proposal has changed.
  • When you are directly mentioned in the Proposal Chat.

There is also an hourly check for any updates or edits to a Proposal or any general chat activity. If there are updates, it will trigger a notification.

Export Proposal as a PDF

At any stage of the editing process, you can export your org chart proposal.

To Export to PDF:

  1. Click the Export icon then click Export > PDF

    The Export options wind appears.

  2. Select the following options:
    • Page type - Use the dropdown menu to select the page type you want to export to.
    • Orientation
  3. Click Export.

The exported org chart will be locally downloaded to your system.

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