Known Limitations

The following table lists the known limitations in Nakisa HR Suite2023.R4:

Reference Number Description
LL 96 When exporting an Org Chart to PDF, Portraits are not being displayed.
LE 52 When a Proposal is in a closed state, it is not being displayed in PDF files.
LE 97 In Edit mode, changes to the Job Code
(ID) and Department ID are not displayed in the Proposal Panel. Only the Job name and Department name are displayed.
LM 95 If Nakisa TeamDesign remain idle for 20-25 minutes, the view and edit buttons disappear from the application. You can restore the buttons by performing a refresh.
LA 08 The Age field entity is not available in the Field Management section to hide or show the Age field in the application.
LA 72 When exporting to a pdf on narrow paper, text will overlap.
LG 56 When performing a refresh, all the toggles in the Custom Field Management section will display as on (but the functionality will not change). To have the Custom Field toggles display properly, open the Org Chart and return to the Custom Field Management section, the toggles will display correctly.

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