Global Settings

The Global settings lets you lets you manage the features available in your Nakisa OrgInsight instances as well any custom fields.

General Settings

The General settings lets you enable or disable the features of Nakisa OrgInsight. To enable or disable a feature, switch the toggle on or off, then click Save Settings.

Field Management

The Field Management section lets you determine which fields are globally visible within the application. You can select which fields are visible or not by scrolling the list of fields and selecting Show or Hide. You can also search for a specific field by using the dropdown list of the fields and selecting one.

When hiding a filed, it will be hidden in the following areas:

  • Chart Options
  • Search
  • Export
  • Dashboards
  • Filter Panel
  • Quick and full Details Panel

Custom Field Management

If there are fields in your ERP or HRIS that you would like to display in your Nakisa HR Suite environment, whether in the org chart nodes, in the Details Panel, or as part of your searches, you can add those fields using the Field Management section. This page explains how to determine which type of new field you need to use, activate those new fields, and then get your data from your ERP into Nakisa HR Suite so the data for them will display. You can enter custom field information in English and French.

There are six different field types you can add:

  • Yes/No or Boolean Field: Use these fields to capture flagged data that is either on or off, such as an employee's willingness to relocate or if a position or org unit is flagged as being included in a new merger.
  • Number Fields: Use these fields to capture numeric information, such as a bonus or compensation value
  • Date Field: Use these fields to capture relevant dates, such as when an employee is eligible for retirement or sabbatical, or the date a position or org unit is scheduled to be terminated after an acquisition.
  • Text Field: Use these fields to capture labels or short names, such as office or group location for a position or org unit, or a union or organization to which an employee belongs. These fields have a 100-character limit.
  • Description or Long Text Field: Use these fields for longer descriptive data about a data element, such as an employee's mini-CV or perhaps a justification for eliminating a position .
  • Custom Lookup Fields: Use these fields to create custom lookup fields that are linked to the preset values in the EmployeeLookup and PositionLookup tables. These fields will display the corresponding text description throughout the details panel, searches and filter panel in Nakisa HR Suite.

Note: Fields created in the Custom Fields Setup are displayed in the Details Panel and in the custom views you create, but the data in custom fields will NOT write back to your ERP.

To add a new Custom field:

  1. Switch the toggle next to custom field you want to enable.
  2. Enter the custom field name into the field.

    Note: You will also need to provide the translated version of your custom field name, if required.

  3. Click Save Settings.

Standard Field Caption Management

Caption management allows you change captions that appear in your Nakisa HR Suite instance. The fileds are split into two sections:

  • Employee fields
  • Position fields

In the Standard Field Caption Management section can scroll the list of all captions in either seciton to select the caption you want to change or you can find a specific caption by using the search bar. If you have your Nakisa HR Suite available in different languages, you will need to include the translated term in this section to ensure the new term appears properly when using a different language.

The list of captions can also be filtered by language (English and French) and to display only modified captions only. To filter the list, click the filter icon Filter Captions Icon then select the filters you want to apply.

Notification Settings

The notifications settings section allows you to determine which actions will trigger a notification as well as which type of notification will be triggered.

Along with in-app notifications, users can also recieve email notifications if desired.

To turn on or off a notification type, review the list of actions that triger a notification and switch the toggle on or off under each column.


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