Nakisa HR Suite gives you several ways for you to view and consume your search data. When you begin to enter information into the search bar, Nakisa HR Suite displays the most common results based on the information you are entering. When you select a suggested result, you are brought directly to that position or employee Full Details Pages. You can also choose to view a result within the orgchart by clicking the View in OrgChart View in Org chart Icon icon. If you do not want to select a suggested result, click the search icon to perform a broad search.

View Search Results

The full search results opens in the directories page and lists all the results from you search. From this page you can click any result to open the quick details info panel on the right side of the window. Along with viewing the information in the quick details you can also click on the following for more information:

  • Details: Opens the position or employee full details page.
  • Org Chart: Locates, focuses and highlights the position or employee within their organization in the View an Org Chart. It also highlights a line to their direct report.

You can filter your search results to refine the results. For more information on filtering the search results in the directory, see the Filter Directory section.

Nakisa OrgInsight offers multiple views for your search results. After performing a search, you can view and sort your data in the following layouts.




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