Chart Options

Individual charts can be modified using the chart options. To reveal the main chart options, hover over the chart. Buttons appear in the top left corner of the chart:

  • Click Expand dashboard icon to expand the size of the chart to the whole page. Click again to shrink the chart to its default size.
  • Click Show chart options icon to reveal the Chart Options toolbar. Click hide chart options icon to hide the toolbar.

Note: Some buttons may not be visible depending on the chart type and whether the dashboard is custom. See the "Scope" column in the table below for more information.

Chart Options Toolbar buttons:

Button Description Scope
Delete Chart Delete chart icon Click and confirm to delete the chart. Custom dashboards
Copy Chart Copy chart icon Click to copy the chart, which is then displayed on the dashboard. These charts can be edited in the same way as custom charts. Custom dashboards
Filters Display chart filter icon

Click to display the chart-specific filters. You can filter the data in a single chart instead of filtering the entire dashboard with the filter panel.

Note: If any filters are applied in the filter panel, they appear under "Applied Filters".

All dashboards
Edit Chart Edit chart properties icon Click to edit any attribute that was set when the chart was first created. Custom dashboards
Toggle Table Toggle Table view icon Click to switch from chart to table view, or vice versa. All dashboards
Toggle Legend Toggle chart legend icon Click to show or hide the chart legend. All dashboards
Export to Excel export chart to excel icon Click to export chart data to an Excel file. All dashboards, only when chart is in table view
Select Filters Filter chart data icon

Click to filter the chart data based on the selection in the chart. Click and drag your cursor to highlight an area over the desired bars in a bar chart. The dashboard and filter panel are updated with filters matching those bars.

All dashboards, bar charts only

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