Suite Header

The Suite header is located at the top of your Nakisa OrgInsight instance. In the suite header you have access to the following:

  • Main menu Main Menu Icon : Expands or collapses the main menu, which contains the essential navigation items of the active product.
  • Product logo: Displays the product logo of the active product which you can click to bring you back to that product's home page.
  • Search bar: Search through data records and product capabilities throughout all the Nakisa HR Suite products you own.
  • Language Language Options Icon : Gives you the option to switch the language of Nakisa HR Suite between English and French.
  • Help center Help Center Icon: Click the Help icon will open the User Guide so you can get more information on any questions you may have about the application.

    Note: There is also a Help Center icon in the Main Menu.

  • Notifications Notifications Icon: Tracks all notifications that aryou. When new notifications appear, the icon will have a red badge with the number of new notifications for you since you last checked.
  • Profile : Lists your position title, employee name and number, and avatar. If enabled, you can upload and edit your own avatar from the profile section. You can also log out Log out icon of Nakisa HR Suite through your profile.

The Suite Header and all its features is persistent throughout Nakisa HR Suite products.

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