Page Header

The Page Header is situated just below the suite header and provides you with information about the page you are on as well as an action menu to perform specific tasks depending on what service and feature you are using. The page header, while persistent, is collapsible if desired. The Page Header gives you the following information:

  • Global and local navigation options
  • Situates you within the application
  • An action menu that provides specific options and actions to whatever you are viewing in the Frame.

Lead space with sections numbered

  1. Breadcrumbs: The breadcrumbs help situate you by tracking their path to the current page. You can also use the breadcrumbs to go back to a previous page.

  2. Flexible content area: The flexible content area contains portrait(s) and page details. This section is hidden when the lead space is collapsed.

    • Portrait(s) (If applicable): One or more portraits may appear to the left of the flexible content area, as needed.

    • Page type (If applicable): The first line of text indicates what type of page you are viewing.

    • Page title: The second line of text informs you of what page you are on, for example, the name of the dashboard, or the position title.

    • Page subtitle (If applicable): The third line of text only appears when secondary textual information is needed for more context.

  3. Page tabs (If applicable): These are the page's main sub-sections, each containing information grouped thematically.

  4. Page actions: The lead space contains three buttons:

    • Share/Export: Clicking on this opens a dropdown with available share and export options

    • Context menu: Clicking in this opens a dropdown with available actions affecting the whole page

    • Collapse/Expand: Clicking on this collapses or expands the lead space

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