Org Chart Toolbar

The org chart toolbar gives you options on how you can view your org chart and the information presented in it.

From the toolbar, you can perform the following actions:

  • Select the org chart mode: The org chart mode lets you select how much information you want to see in your org chart and how many nodes are visible. There are two display modes:
    • Standard Org Chart Chart Mode Icon: Standard chart mode is the default org chart mode. This mode gives each employee or position its own node than can be viewed when expanded in the org chart. You can select each individual node to open the Quick Details info panel to get more information on the employee or position.
    • Summary Org Chart Summary Mode Icon: Summary mode compresses the org chart and only lists nodes of managers. Within these nodes lists the information about the positions and employees who report to this manager. You cannot expand the org chart beyond a manager position.

    Org chart node in summary view

  • Reset chart reset chart icon: Returns the chart to the default view and removes all Org Chart Options that have been applied using the filter panel.

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