Create, Clone, or Remove a Position

If you wish to change the size of a team, Nakisa Operational OrgDesign lets you create clone, and remove position nodes from your team structure.

To Create a New Position:

  1. Right click on the desired parent node and click Create.

    The new position node will appear under the parent node marked with a green plus icon.

    A newly created Node

  2. Edit the node details to reflect the details of the new position.
      1. Enter the new employee name.
        1. Select the node and right-click.
        2. Select Edit Incumbents.
        3. Enter the name of the employee and click Save.
      2. Edit Position Details.

    A new Node with added details

To Clone a Position :

Rather than creating a position from scratch, you can clone a position. A cloned position would create a copy of a position and all the position details but it will appear as vacant. To clone a position, you need to right click the node and select the Clone option.

a Cloned Position Node

To Mass Clone a Position:

If you want to create multiple clones of a position, Nakisa Operational OrgDesign allows you to create up to 50 clones at once. To create multiple clones:

  1. Right click the position you want to clone and click Clone (multiple).
  2. Select the number of clones you want to create and click Clone.

    Select the number of clones to create

The cloned nodes will appear at the end of the group.

To Remove a Position:

To remove a position node, right click on the desired node and click Delete. If the node is an existing position, it will appear with a red strike-through and the Removed badge. If it is a new node, it will be removed, no matter the changes made to it.

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