Whats New

In addition to general editorial changes and corrections, this release of the documentation contains the following main changes in the release of Nakisa HR Suite 2023.R4:

  • A Notification Settings section has been added to the Admin in the Global Settings section. This section lets you enable or disable in-app or email notifications for users for any action that can trigger a notification.
  • Nakisa HR Suite now offers email notifications for users if required. The email notifications can be enable or disabled in the Admin > Global Settings > Notification Settings.
  • Users can now upload and edit their own Avatars from the Profile section in the Suite Header. To be able to upload and edit your avatar, you must be granted access by an Admin in the Avatars section.
  • While making edits to your org chart using Nakisa Operational OrgDesign, you can now clone positions nodes. This will created a cloned vacant node with all the attributes of the cloned node already listed. Along with cloning positions, Nakisa Operational OrgDesign can now also perform the following mass actions:
  • The Proposal Panel discussion panel chat now supports direct user mentions by using the mention (@) button.
  • Users with Admin access can set the default Chart View through the General Settings in the Admin section. They can select from the standard views or any custom views created.
  • The Nakisa Operational OrgDesign work-flow is now configurable to best suite specific company needs. The work flow can be configures through the Admin in the Operational OrgDesign settings.
  • The Standard Field Caption Management section has been updated to allow users to search and update labels that are assigned to specific fields. Along with the find function, employee and position sections have been added with their assigned labels to ensure the proper label within the proper filed is being updated.

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