About the Application

Nakisa Real Estate is a complete, flexible solution designed to exceed all your corporate real estate needs. As the most recent addition to the Nakisa suite of tools for finance, Nakisa Real Estate seamlessly plugs into the existing lessee and lessor platforms, integrates with your ERP, and enables end-to-end management of property leases.

Professionals in corporate real estate, lease administration, facility management, legal, real estate development, construction, finance, and accounting departments can all benefit from Nakisa Real Estate. The software simplifies management of the most complex portfolios with thousands of sites, several landlords, numerous invoices to track, and high volumes of monthly transactions.

Nakisa Real Estate structures data for clarity by building logical links between locations, premises, and leases. Each user works from a personalized environment organized in dashboards, with notifications for critical dates, lease abstracts, dynamic charts, and more. By automating processes, Nakisa Real Estate makes management of tax and property assessments, payments, and rent roll easier.

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