ERP System Settings

The ERP Systems Settings page allows you to override the default posting and reversal BAPIs that have been configured per SAP system version on the General ERP Settings page.

Note: The new BAPI must have the same import, export, and table structure as the standard BAPI.

If you change the BAPI settings, posting jobs that have already been scheduled will use the new settings, whereas jobs that have already started will use the previous settings.

To configure the BAPIs used for a specific SAP system:

  1. Click Main Menu > Settings > ERP System Settings.
  2. Click to add a new system, or click to edit an existing SAP system.
  3. Select the System.
  4. Enter the required BAPI for either of the following fields:
    • SAP Post BAPI
    • SAPI Reversal BAPI
  5. Click Submit.

Note: To delete an entry, select the row and click .

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