Posting Profiles

Users can create posting profiles in the Nakisa SAP Posting Bot to decide which SAP system they would like to post to. They can include all the companies listed under a system or they can be company-specific. Profiles allow you to reuse the same filters across multiple posting jobs.

Note: You can create multiple posting profiles, but you cannot have the same company selected for more than one posting profile.

To create a posting profile:

  1. In the Nakisa SAP Posting Bot, click Main Menu > Posting Profiles.
  2. Click to open the Create Posting Profile window.
  3. Select a System from the drop down menu.
  4. From the Company Filter drop down menu, select whether you would like to add all configured companies under the chosen System to the posting profile or select companies from a list.
  5. If "List" is selected, choose one or more companies from the Companies drop down menu.

To manage posting profiles:

  1. Click to edit a posting profile.
  2. Click to filter the list of posting profiles.
  3. Click to delete the selected posting profile.
  4. Click to refresh the list of posting profiles.

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