Consolidated Transaction Report Profiles

Consolidated Transaction Report profiles allow you to specify which objects to use for the report based on a defined set of filters. Profiles allow you to reuse the same filters across multiple report jobs.

The Consolidated Transaction Report Profiles page displays all of the profiles that you have created.

To run a report job, you must first create a report profile.

To create a report profile:

  1. Click Main Menu > Consolidated Transaction Reports > Profiles.
  2. Click to open the create pop-up.
  3. Enter a Name for the profile.
  4. Select a Principal Position.
  5. If desired, select an ERP System. You can choose to use all available systems if the filter is set to "All", or select one or more systems from the drop down if the filter is set to "List". The filter is set to "All" by default.
  6. Select an Accounting Standard to use for the report.
  7. Fill out the remaining profile filters. For each filter, select "All" or "List". If "List" is selected, the corresponding drop down is enabled and you must select one or more objects from that list. Optional filters are set to "All" by default.
  8. Click Add.

To manage report profiles:

  1. Click to edit a report profile.
  2. Click to filter the profiles.
  3. Click to refresh the profiles.
  4. Click to delete a report profile.

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