What's New

In addition to general editorial changes and corrections, this release of the documentation contains the following main changes included in the release of 2023.R4:

Nakisa SAP Posting Bot

  • Financial Organization Structure can now be configured with Provision accounts for lessee contracts to accrue balances on certain dates based on payment amounts, which are then reversed by the actual payment amount on the payment date. The reports have been updated as follows:
  • A new "Internal Reference Number" column has been added to the Consolidated Transaction Reports to allow grouping of related contracts in multiple currencies.
  • The following changes have been made to the Consolidation Transaction Reports and GL Balance Reports:
    • The reports are now supported for service contracts.
    • Reports can now be generated across multiple classifications at once, for added efficiency.
  • The following changes have been made to the Consolidation Transaction Reports to better identify and relate posting and reversal documents:
    • The column "Document Number" has been renamed to "Internal Document Number".
    • The column "External Reference Number" has been renamed to "External Document Number".
    • The columns "Original Int. Document Number" and "Original Ext. Document Number" have been added for to link a reversal transaction to its original posted document.
    • The columns "Reversal Int. Document Number" and "Reversal Ext. Document Number" have been added to link a posted transaction to its reversed document.
  • In the Consolidation Transaction Reports, the "Internal Status" and "External Status" columns now display the statuses as they are shown in the financial schedule views.
  • In all job creation pop-ups, users can now search and filter the Profile list to more easily select the required ones.

Nakisa SAP Sync Bot

  • To maintain consistency with other scheduled jobs in Nakisa Lease Administration and Nakisa SAP Posting Bot, scheduled sync jobs are now created on the Scheduled Jobs page (instead of from the Sync Jobs page).

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