Caption Editor

Captions are text items that appear on your screen in Hanelly. It can be the name of a button, a message that pops up after a user does something, the contents of menus, and more. Hanelly allows you to change those inside the application using the Caption Editor. You can even change captions that have been translated into a language other than English, if you need.

To Change a Caption:

  1. Under Caption Editor, click Edit Captions.
  2. Select whether the term you want to search for is in the key, the caption, or both by selecting the appropriate option from the Search Option drop-down menu.
  3. Search for the caption you want to find by entering text from the caption in the Search field. This produces a list of captions that match your search criteria.
  4. Mouse over the caption you want to change and click the Edit icon . This opens fields for the caption in each of the languages you have active in your Hanelly instance.
  5. Enter the new caption into the appropriate field, then click Save .


Note: You can filter the results to show only the captions you already modified by checking the Modified Only check box.

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