Importing Lookup Table Data

Though Hanelly can extract most of the data needed for your org charts from your SAP or SuccessFactors systems automatically, there is some data dictionary data that it cannot extract. If you need that data in your Hanelly system, you can extract it manually and then upload it here.

To upload Lookup Table data:

  1. Download the Lookup TableTemplate file from the Available Templates section of the Data Management page.
  2. Populate the necessary dictionary data into the template and save the file.
  3. Open the Data Management page (if you have not already) and click Create New Batch. This opens a new tab in the second pane.
  4. Select Effective Dated Excel in the first drop-down menu.
  5. Select Upload Data in the second drop-down menu.
  6. Select Update or Insert to update the information.
  7. Click the Upload link, navigate to the template you populated, and click Open.
  8. Click Run Batch.
  9. Click Recreate Index. This will re-index your source and scenario data.

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