IDoc Management Operations

The IDoc Management page lists information about each IDoc and allows you to perform certain operations.

The IDoc Management lists the following information:

  • ID -IDoc ID, which corresponds to the same IDoc ID in SAP.
  • Received On - The day the IDoc was received on.
  • Process Time - How long it took to import an IDoc.
  • Status - The status of the IDoc. An IDoc can have the following status:
    • New
    • Imported
    • In Progress - Will have this status when the IDoc is being imported.
    • Failed - The IDoc failed to be processed. A Failed status will block all subsequent IDocs from being processed until this is fixed.
    • Blocked - IDoc was blocked due to a failure with the preceding IDoc that has not been fixed.
  • Size - Size of the IDoc.
  • File Exists - Indicates if the IDoc file is still stored on the server (True) or has been deleted (False) but a record remains for historical purposes.
  • Config - The configuration mapping the IDoc has been imported to.
  • Operations -Lists the operations that can be performed on individual IDocs:
    • Download - Download the IDoc locally.
    • Cancel - Cancel the operation.
    • Import - Import the IDoc to a configuration mapping.
    • Delete - Deletes the IDoc and its entry from the server and IDoc Management page.
    • Delete File - Only deletes the IDoc file. The entry of the IDoc and its information remain in the list of IDocs in the IDoc Management page. It will be marked as FALSE in the File Exists column.
    • Retry - Retry receiving a failed IDoc. (Only appears if an IDoc has failed to be received.)

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