Derived Hierarchy

Populate this section if you want Hanelly to derive an orgunit-based structure or a position-based structure.

Warning: You cannot use Hierarchy derivation in the same environment as the Employee Reporting structure.

Note: There are some settings for the derived chart that will use default behavior. If the settings are disabled in the original chart, they may be restored for the derived one.

To Enable Derived Hierarchy:

Select the appropriate derivation method from the Derived Hierarchy drop-down menu.

To set the Derived Organization Root Value:

Depending on the type of structure you will need to set your root value. Select the desire root value and click Save.

  • Orgunit-based structure - Top orgunit or Department ID
  • Position-based structure - Top position ID

To Set Up Email Notifications:

  1. Enter the email address to which Derived Hierarchy messages should be sent. Typically, the systems sends messages about errors and warnings due to multiple parents or circular reporting.
  2. Enter the maximum number of issues you want to have identified in each message.
  3. Move the switch for Send Email on Success setting to On and click Save if you want Hanelly to send you emails when a derivation job is successful (in addition to the warning and error notifications.

To allow Team Design Scenarios based on Derived Hierarchy:

Move the switch for Enable/Disable Scenario Creation in Derived Hierarchy setting to On and click Save to allow your authorized users to create Team Design scenarios based on your derived hierarchy.

Tip: Hierarchy derivation can sometimes fail. When it does, Hanelly will send you an email notification, provided you set up email notifications as listed above. If you get these email notifications pointing out where there are errors, go into your source data (Excel, SuccessFactors, etc.,) and correct the errors, then run the hierarchy derivation again. Repeat this process until you get no more error notifications to ensure your derived hierarchy is stable and accurate.

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