About Hanelly 2022.R1

Hanelly is a cloud-based organizational design solution that leverages your HCM platform to give full visibility of your organizational structure in a single resource. Hanelly highlights strengths and vulnerabilities through advanced HR analytics and allows for strategic planning of org design.

Use Hanelly to:

  • Leverage ERP data to easily understand and analyze the current organization
  • Visualize the right talent in the best strategic position
  • Collaborate securely with colleagues and create scenarios to effectively resolve reorganization challenges
  • Improve M&A integration success with modeling and visualization of data
  • Actively listen to your employees before, during, and after any business transformation

Note: A system administrator configures the application to accommodate the specific needs of your company.

Note: Depending on your level of access, your environment type, and which of the Nakisa Hanelly licenses your company purchased, you may not see all of the objects itemized in this document.

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