Sorting Search Results

If you want to sort your search results, you can use the Hanelly Table View to do so. Filters you apply in the Filter Panel will change what search results show in your table.

  1. Perform your search as normal, then click the magnifying glass to start the search.
  2. Select the appropriate view from the drop-down menu on the top right part of the screen (next to the export, share, and favorites icons). This puts your search results in a table format.
  3. Click on the arrows in each column to sort the table by that column. You can sort by ascending, descending, or no sort.

Note: To make a compound search, click on the columns in the inverse order of how you want the search to sort. For example, say you want to find all of your top performers in each location to recognize them, so you want to sort your list of employees first by performance rating, then location, then by last name. Click on Last Name, then click on Location, then Performance.

Note: To remove a sorting filter, click on the arrows to cycle through the sort options. The sort cycle goes Ascending, Descending, No Sort, so click on the arrows until you reach the No Sort option.

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