Best Practice for SuccessFactors Writeback

Before triggering a writeback to SuccessFactors, make sure that you have the most up to date data available in Hanelly.To ensure your data is up to date, contact your Nakisa admin to perform a Delta load before performing any other actions.

Once you have your most up to date data in Hanelly, you need to synchronize (sync) it with your scenario. The sync will run a comparison between:

  • The Hanelly source
  • The original state of your scenarios
  • The scenario's current state, including all updates or changes performed by any team members.

Any updates from the delta load that are not conflicting with the scenario data will be shown to the user and the updates are applied automatically. For any conflicting changes, you will need to review the changes and chose to accept the delta load changes or use the source from the scenario.

Perform a Writeback

  1. Click Set as Complete to set your scenario status to complete.
  2. From the actions menu, click Writeback.

  3. Click Prepare new Report to generate a list of the changes that will be written back to SuccessFactors.
  4. Once the report is prepared, click Writeback to start the process.

The changes will be written back to SuccessFactors in the following order:

When the process is complete for set of changes, the writeback process will move to the next set of data to writeback.

  1. All object creations
  2. Object modifications
  3. Positions set to be delimited
  4. All reporting relations changes

If the message Partially completed with Errors appears, after any of the writebacks then one or more of the changes failed to send. The errors must be corrected. This can be done by adjusting the failed Position data in the scenario or by adjusting the data validation requirements on SuccessFactors. When the data has been updated, run a delta load from SuccessFactors and sync the scenario. Then run the writeback again on the scenario.

Note: When processing the reporting relations changes, each relationship change is possessed separately for wirteback. Because of validation checks in SuccessFactors it is possible for one change to be successful and the other one fails.

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