Uploading your M&A Data

After you create your initial Org Merger scenario, upload the data from the acquired organization, then move the objects into your organization as appropriate. With mass move and mass edit functionality, you can quickly normalize your data and integrate it into your organization. Review the best practices prior to uploading your data to avoid common pitfalls.

To upload and verify M&A data:

  1. Click the Main menu and select My Scenarios.
  2. Click the Org Design scenario you want to open.
  3. Click Actions and select Import Data from the drop-down menu in the Scenario page. This opens the scenario's Import page.
  4. Click Start Mass Import, click Upload File, then navigate to the file containing your M&A data, and click Open. When your file has completed uploading, the Import Status indicator will switch to Import Completed.
  5. Click Assign Import Color to set an indicator on each imported node, if desired.
  6. Select a color from color picker and click Choose, then Save.
  7. You may need to index your database manually if your Hanelly administrator turned off the automatic indexing in scenarios.
  8. Click Commit Changes and Commit in the Confirmation dialog.
  9. Return to the Scenario page and click Actions and select Find Roots.
  10. Open the appropriate root, and you should see the nodes you imported marked with the M&A icon in the color you selected in step 5.

Note: After step 4, you can cancel an import by clicking the Cancel button . Confirm the cancellation by clicking Cancel Import in the dialog that opens.

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