Moving Objects

Hanelly allows you to quickly place individual objects in your scenarios by using drag and drop.

To move a node to another part of the organization:

Using the mouse, grab the node you want to move and drag it to the place in your organization where you want that node to report. Release the mouse to drop the node in its new location.


  1. Click the node menu for the node you want to move and select Move . The Assign dialog opens.
  2. Click the drop-down menu in the Assign dialog and select the location where you want to move this node. You can then type in the blank field to search and filter the resulting locations.
  3. Click Submit.
  1. complete successfully.

To move multiple records at the same time:

  1. Load the scenario that contains the objects you want to modify.
  2. Enter * then click Search in the Application menu. This opens a list of every org unit, position, or employee in the node (depending on the search option selected in the Filter Panel.
  3. Enter search criteria in the text field in the Filter Panel to narrow the objects returned.
  4. Select the objects that you want to move and select Move from the Mass Actions drop-down.
  5. Select the org unit or position where you want to move the objects from the drop-down menu and click Submit. You will receive notification when the move completes successfully.

When objects are deleted they are removed from the scenario. Delimited object will appear grayed out with a strike through them.

Note: If you delete an object that has child objects, they become orphan objects.

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