Changing the Background Color of a Node

You can change the background color of nodes to make them easier to distinguish in your scenario.

To change a node's background color:

  1. Open the scenario you want to work with and view it in an org chart.
  2. Click the Node menu on the node you want to change color. This can be for an org unit, position, or employee.
  3. Select Set Node Color from the menu.
  4. Click the menu arrow on the color picker.
  5. Select a color from the options provided, then .click Save in the Node Color Menu. The background of the node changes to the color you selected.

Note: If you apply colors to nodes in your scenarios and attempt to export the scenario to PowerPoint, these colors will not be export to PowerPoint if you are using Internet Explorer 11.

Note: You can also apply colors to a node using the search function and then applying the color as a Mass Action.

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