Writeback to SAP

When all of your scenario work areas have been reviewed and approved, you can write back the changes in your scenario to your SAP system.

Note: Review the best practices before writing data back to your ERP to avoid some common errors and verify that you have synced your scenario data with your source data recently.

To write changes back to your SAP ERP:

  1. Open the Main Menu and select My Scenarios.
  2. Click the Context Menu for the scenario you want to open and select Load Scenario Management .
  3. Click Set As Completed on the Scenario landing page, if it has not already been marked as completed during your approval workflow.
  4. Click the Actions menu and select Sync Scenario.
  5. Click Prepare New Report on the Sync Scenario page. This generates a Changes Report of the differences between your scenario in its current state and your source data. Click Confirm to start the report.
  6. Resolve any conflicts that are identified in the report, then click Apply.
  7. Click Sync.
  8. You may need to re-index your data manually by clicking the Index button . If the button appears and is orange, you need to re-index.
  9. Return to the Scenario page, click the Actions menu, and select Scenario Validation. This will run a check against your scenario to confirm that it does not violate the scenario logic rules that your Hanelly administrators want to apply before a scenario can be written back to SAP.
  10. After you resolve any errors indicated in the scenario validation, return to the Scenario page, click the Actions menu, and select Writeback. This opens an SAP connection dialog.
  11. Either enter your SAP credentials or use the credentials passed from the Nakisa AdminConsole and click Writeback.

Note: The SAP user account performing the writeback must have the necessary SAP authorizations.

Note: The writeback processing time will vary depending on the security configurations of your SAP back end. The more security checks performed, the longer the writeback process will take.

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