Temporary Assignment

You can have existing employees temporarily assigned to different positions displayed in Hanelly. Existing employees in a temporary assignment will continue to maintain their permanent role also. Adding someone as a Temporary Assignment is useful when looking to replace an employee that has become inactive or is on a long term medical leave.Employees on a temporary assignment are displayed as a dotted box, below the assigned position and above the incumbent employee. In the following example, John Berry has been temporarily assigned to the position of VP Legal, which is held by Gergana Barshaw.

Note: To confirm the dotted node is for a Temporary Assignment, you can hover over the node to display weather or not it is a Temporary Assignment or a Functional Reporting Line (or both).

Temporary assignment information can be found in the Position, Employee, and Orgunit Details Panel.

To add a Temporary Assignment:

Temporary assignments are added by performing a data upload using the Nakisa AdminConsole. To assign an employee to a temporary assignment, fill in the EmployeeDottedToPosition tab of a Data extraction sheet and then upload the data using the Data Management tool in the Nakisa AdminConsole. Once the data has been uploaded, the temporary assignment will be visible in the Org Chart.

For more information on performing a data upload, refer to the Nakisa Administrator Guide.

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