Viewing an Org Chart

Organizational charts (org charts) graphically show the hierarchical authority, roles and responsibilities, and relationships in an organization.

To view an org chart:

  1. Click the Main menu and select Charts, then select the chart you want to open. Most users will only have one chart.
  2. Click the icons in the org chart boxes to navigate within the hierarchies.




Up level

Sets the org chart root one level above the current org chart box. Mouse over the box to display this icon.


Collapse Item

Shows or hides the org units, positions, or employees that directly report to the selected object. The color of the icon is determined by the type of object. The number of nodes displayed below the selected object is set though the Nakisa AdminConsole. If the number of nodes exceeds the limit, the rest will appear on another page. The default limit is set to 50.

Root at

Sets the org chart root at this level, with the selected object as the root. Mouse over the box to display this icon.

Node menus

Allows you to access certain actions specific to the node.


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