Using Turnover Trends

Hanelly allows you to analyze and filter your turnover trends for employees who have left your organization. You can use these data to assess your progress towards long-term objectives, to give you better insight into current conditions, and help inform future plans and development. The Turnover Trends features charts for the turnover headcount and the turnover cost.

Turnover cost is the cost to your organization after an employee leaves, is calculated using the following algorithm:

If the employee is considered a critical resource, the employee has a CR value of .3. If not, the employee has a CR value of .1

If the employee is a manager, they have a factor of .3. If not, the employee has a manager value of .1.

The tenure value is the number of years of tenure multiplied by .01.

Calculation: (CR value + Manager value + Tenure value) * maximum salary scale value

To access the Turnover Analysis

Click the Main Menu and select Turnover Analysis, then select Turnover Trend.

To open a new Trend chart

Click the Available Charts icon and select the chart you want to open.'

To share your Trends:

  1. Configure your Trends page to your specifications.
  2. Click Share .
  3. Copy the link in the Share Link dialog and click Close.
  4. Share the link with the appropriate users as needed.

To save your Trends configuration as a favorite

  1. Configure your Trends layout, modes, dates, and filters to your specifications.
  2. Click Add to Favorites.
  3. Enter a name for your Trend layout and click Save.

To access this layout again, click the Main menu, and select Favorites . Open the menu under Dashboards and select the layout you saved.

To change the Trends Chart Mode

You can change how the Trends chart displays, depending on the items selected in the Filter Panel. There are four modes available:

  • Normal: This displays the overall trend for the entire node
  • Absolute: This displays the graph for the entire trend and the trend for the selected filters, with the scale set at the same range for both metrics
  • Relative: This displays the trend for the entire node and the trend for the selected filters, with the scale set at a relative range for each metrics
  • Percentage: This displays the trend for the entire node and the trend for the selected filters, with the scale set at the absolute range for the entire node, and a percentage scale for the selected filters
  1. Open the appropriate Trend graph.
  2. Select the filters needed in the Filter panel.
  3. Click the Modes Menu and select the mode you want to use.

To Save Your Trends Settings

Click Save . This will save your settings into your browser, and when you re-open the Trends tab, the Trends tab will open with your selected filters and chart layouts.

To filter the data that appear on the Trend charts

Select the appropriate filters in the Filter Panel and the chart will update accordingly.

To Change the Date Range for Trends

Move the date slider to the selected date range, then click Change Date .

Working with Trends Charts

  • To show the selected chart compared against a line graph showing the turnover rate, click Turnover Rate . Turnover rate is a visualization of turnover headcount trends and value within a set of two effective dates. Calculation: (No. of Terminated Employees/Average Headcount)100
  • To show the selected chart compared against a variance between the most previous and current effective dates, click Variance . This will provide your users with an overview of the turnover trends with percentages and variance to compare against your company goals and targets.
  • To export a table of data to Excel, click Export to Excel . Note that this option is only available if you are viewing the data in Table mode. See the next step for this toggle.
  • To toggle between a graph and a table, click the Table icon or the Graph icon, as appropriate.
  • To toggle between a bar chart and line chart, click the Bar Chart or Line Chart , as appropriate.

Note: If you are using Effective Dates in your environment, your Hanelly administrator will have set up automatic indexing of all of your effective dated data. (Out of the box, this is set to be done once a quarter, but your administrator may have changed that.) While this full indexing is taking place, the Trends analytics will show a value of 0. After the indexing process completes, the Trends values will calculate and display correctly in Hanelly.

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