About Nakisa Hanelly Insights

Built on next generation engine analytics, Nakisa Hanelly Insights is the next leap forward in Nakisa technology. Using this technology as the base for our new suite of products, Nakisa Hanelly Insights capitalizes on machine learning technology, providing constant development. This includes progress into areas like predictive analysis and forecasting.

Nakisa Hanelly Insights enables the end user to:

  • View new sets of data and add customized charts and filters for targeted data analysis
  • Base that data on their specific needs and preferences
  • Utilize preconfigured integration with existing Nakisa platforms and solutions for fast access and enablement

The engine behind Nakisa Hanelly Insights is built using native cloud architecture, and the data integration uses a powerful custom built ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool in the cloud, which, among other things, enforces data quality and consistency standards on the data, allowing the solution to make sense of the information and provide actionable insights.

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