Using the Dashboard Toolbar

This section identifies the key elements of the dashboard toolbar, which is available at the top of many dashboard pages.

Note that the options available depend on whether you are viewing a default dashboard page or a custom one.

Dashboard Option



Reset Dashboard

Click here to reset the layout for any default dashboard to the default settings.

Resize Charts Click here to enable chart resizing and layout changes. When the icon is visible on the charts, you can resize them by dragging the bottom-right corner to the desired size, or drag and drop the chart to another location on the dashboard. Click Resize Chart again to disable the chart edits. Note that these changes are only visible to you.
Add New Chart Click here to add a chart to a custom dashboard. Note that custom dashboards are only visible to you.
Search Results Click here to load the Search Results page containing the data currently displayed on the dashboard. Click to return to the dashboard view.
Page Options

For default dashboards, click this option to copy the dashboard page.

For custom dashboards, click this option to copy, edit page details, or delete the page.

Dataset Index Last Created Date/Time Click here to see when the dataset index was first created.

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