Known Limitations

The following table lists the known issues in Nakisa Advanced Analytics 2022.R2:

Reference Number


M 2

When using the River Theme in a quarterly chart, the time axis displays specific dates instead of quarters. For example, the data for the second quarter is displayed under the second month.

O 0

If a position has multiple incumbents, the Position Search Results page and Position Directory only display the first incumbent.

AA 3 On custom pages, the search results only display records that have Active Employment Status, whereas the filter panel counts include all Employee Statuses. For this reason, there may be a mismatch between the filter panel counts and the Search Result page.
AA 5

If a user creates a custom dashboard with the HR Data Quality dataset, the search results will display an error when users try to load the Details Panel for a particular record.

To work around this issue, copy the OM or PA Dashboard to create the custom dashboard instead of creating the dashboard from scratch.

AA 7

If the Position Directory is exported to Excel and all of the table fields are selected, the following fields are missing from export:

  • Job ID
  • Country Code
  • Cost Center ID
  • Manager Employee First Name (Employee Reports To)
  • Manager Employee Last Name (Employee Reports To)
  • Manager Employee First Name
  • Manager Employee Last
  • Employee Personnel Area
  • Employee Personnel Subarea
  • Org Unit Company Code
  • Org Unit Cost Center ID
  • Org Unit Country ID

AG 3

AR 1

In the filter panel, if the user selects an interval option, the data displayed on the page is correct, but the filter label displayed at the top of the page incorrectly shows one number higher for the end of the range. For example, if the user selects 20-24, the label shows 20-25.
AM 1 For custom Square, Bubble, and Circular Bubble charts, both axes cannot have the Sort field set to "Value Ascending". Only the sorting is currently only applied to the Main Axis.
AR 8 In the table view for Bar charts, columns are not properly sorted if the values contain a mix of whole numbers and numbers with decimal places.

LR 0

When exporting Employee and Position Search Results to Excel, the application exports all records instead of only the ones displayed on the Search Results page.

LM 4

When customizing a chart and editing the Default Color Ranges, if the user selects a color and clicks the green checkbox before clicking OK, the RGBA value is not set.

Make sure to correctly click OK before the green checkbox to properly add the color range.

MB 4 If a user creates a custom Square chart with both axes sort set to "Count Descending", the values on the chart may not be legible and may overlap.
MS 8 If records are exported to Excel, special characters are not properly displayed.
OG 6 If the axis values are below one in the charts, the values are incorrectly displayed (for example, 0.80 is displayed as 800m).
BB 6 Any filter field with multiple options allows users to select values multipule times.
BG 5 For users on ncp 3, the Dark Mode Function is not working.
BO 8 For users with a Manager Role, turnover headcount chart is displaying zero even when there are employees that have been terminated.
LL 88 Selecting the Share button in a copied org unip page will cause an error message to appear and log a user out.
BB 7 In edit chart, there are no tooltips present for the content box
GS 7 When in Dark Mode, the color in the save window is incorrect.
GB 8 The “select filter” button has no hover effect and cannot be judged when enabled in dark mode. Also, the functionality of the button remains active even when “chart options” show the button in the “inactive” state.
LL 85 A new custom chart will not appear automatically after it is created. You will need to perform a refresh for the chart to appear.
BB 9 Selecting the Error Count filter in a PA errors by severity chart will cause the chart to dissapear.


Accessibility mode is not fully functional, as there are some issues with the data displayed and available actions.


Keyboard accessibility is not fully functional, as navigation to some sections of the user interface is not available.

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