Export to PDF Settings

Use this section to determine which paper sizes are allowed when exporting charts to PDF, to determine how many levels can be expanded for PDFs, and to enable or disable the ability to expand to all of the levels in an org chart.

To set the PDF Page Size:

Tick the check box next to the desired page size (s) you want available for your PDFs.

To Specify What Values Appear in the Expand Level Drop-Down Menu:

Enter numeric values in the fields for the first through fifth levels of expansion. This will populate the drop-down list of choices available to users who want to print their charts to a PDF. They will select from the values you enter here.

To Make a Page Size Available to Users:

Toggle the enable for "All" switch to enable the desired page setting and click Save.

To Enable the Expansion of All of the Levels in an Org Chart:

Turn the toggle on and click Save.

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