SuccessFactors Transformations

Transformations are used to convert data extracted from SuccessFactors before the data is imported into Nakisa HR Suite. If the value in a SuccessFactors field does not match the exact format used in the corresponding Nakisa HR Suite field, use Transformations to convert the data.

For example, you have configured a Nakisa HR Suite field to track part-time employees, where the field value “true” equates to a part-time employee and “false” a full-time employee. However, the corresponding field in SuccessFactors tracks full-time employees (with the field value “true” equating to a full-time employee and “false” a part-time employee). Use Transformations to convert the SuccessFactors values to match the format of the Nakisa HR Suite field before the data is imported into the application.

Transform a Mapping Field:

  1. Click the Transform icon next to the field.
  2. Click +Add a Transformation.
  3. Use the drop-down menus to select the source field and operation. Then enter the conditioning value and the new value.
  4. Click Save.

Delete a Transformation:

To delete a transformation, click the delete icon next to the transformation you want to remove.

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