Automated Excel Import Settings

Clients who use Excel to import their data can encrypt their files, if desired, place them in a folder, and schedule them to be automatically imported.

To Set Up Automated Excel Imports:

  1. Move the switch for Automated Excel Import to On .
  2. Select Effective Dated Excel from the Excel Import Model Config drop-down menu.
  3. Move the switch for Send Email Notification to On if you want to receive an email if the automatic import fails.
  4. If you turned the toggle for email notifications on, enter the email address where you want to have the notifications sent. If you want to have the email notifications sent to more than one recipient, you can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma. E.g.,,,

    Note: Before you can send email notifications, ensure that the email server has been set up.

  5. Move the switch for Send Email for Successful Import to On if you also want an email sent to the above address when the automatic import succeeds.
  6. Move the switch for Run Preprocessing Script to On if your Excel file was encrypted and you need to decrypt it prior to import.
  7. Enter your decryption script in the Preprocessing Groovy Script field.
  8. Note: The default password matches the one generated with the GPG key and should not be changed unless absolutely necessary.

  9. Download the Nakisa HR Suite GPG public key and click Save.
  10. Click Import customers public key to upload the keys from the customer environment that will verify the source of the encrypted data.

Get Data using SFTP:

You can automatically fetch the latest excel data load from an SFTP server.

  1. Toggle the Get data using SFTP toggle to on.
  2. Enter the remote host.
  3. Enter the SFTP port.
  4. Enter the host fingerprint.
  5. Select Authentication. There are two ways you can authenticate the connection between the SFTP and your server:
    1. Toggle the Authenticate Using Password to on if you want to require users to use a password to authenticate to the SFTP server. Then enter a password into the password field underneith username.
    2. Download the Nakisa HR Suite SFTP public key. By using the public key you do not need to enter a password.
  6. Enter a SFTP Username.
  7. Test the connection to the SFTP server by clicking Test Connection.
  8. When the connection is established, click Save.

To schedule the Automated Uploads:

  1. Click Create Schedule in the Automated Excel Import Schedule section. A green notification appears at the base of the screen noting that the job has been scheduled.
  2. Enter the Cron Expression indicating the time and interval at which you want the automated import to occur and click Reschedule.

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