Custom Analytics

Custom Analytics lets you create new analytics for your Nakisa HR Suite data. The custom designer lets you pick what you want to count, where you want to count up to, the operation and the custom analytic information. The new analytics will appear in the on-node analytics as well as in the details panel in Nakisa HR Suite.

Create Custom Analytics:

  1. From the main menu select Org Analytics Settings > Custom Analytics.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select what you want to count then click Next:
    • Position
    • Employee
  4. Select where you want to count up to then click Next:
    • Org Unit
    • Position
  5. Select the operation then click Next:
    • Sum
    • Average
  6. Customize the analytic.
    • Caption - The name of the Custom Analytic
    • Description - A description of the Custom Analytic
    • Field - A drop-down menu that lists all the available analytics fields you can pick.

      Note: Only numerical analytic fields can be used for custom analytics. Selecting a text field or a date field will not return any results in Nakisa HR Suite.

  7. Click Save.

New Custom Analytics will be listed on the Custom Analytics landing page

Note: You can edit Custom Analytics however you can only edit the Operation and Customization sections of the Analytic.

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