Quick Search

Quick search allows you to enter some of your search term and then select from the results that appear instantly.

To use Quick Search

  1. If needed, select a search category from the drop-down menu on the side of the Quick Search window . You can search within org units , within positions , within employees , or within all search categories .
  2. Enter two or more letters of your search criteria into the Quick Search window. The most relevant records (a total of 10 records, with each field displaying a maximum of five records) are shown.
  3. Click on the desired record to select it and it will open in the Details Panel, or click on the magnifying glass to see all the search results.

The following fields can be searched within each object type:

  • Org Unit: Name, City, Country, Cost Center Name, Cost Center ID
  • Position: City, Country, Position Name, Job Name, Job Family, Position Pool Name, Cost Center Name, Cost Center ID
  • Employee: Name, Skills, Education school, Education program, Certification name, Language, Cost Center Name, Cost Center ID, User ID, Nationality, Email, Phone, Cell, Position City, Position Country, Job Name, Job Family, Employee Pool Name

Mass Actions

After conducting a search, you can:


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