Best Practices for Successful Writebacks

  • Before triggering a writeback to SAP, make sure the source structure is in sync with the ERP. To do this either manually trigger an ALE sync or have the ALE sync scheduled for the specific milestones that require the data to be written back to SAP.
  • If your writeback is a manual activity and you are planning to use the changes report for that purpose, you need to make sure that your source structure reflects the actual data in your ERP system. Currently source structure and the ERP data can be synced through ALE (bd21 transaction) for SAP, OData for SuccessFactors, and Excel upload for other backend ERP systems.
  • When writing data back to SuccessFactors, Nakisa recommends that you maintain the Position attributes that are most important to you in both Nakisa HR Suite and SuccessFactors.

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