Creating Objects

After you create your scenario, you can add new org units, positions, and employees.

To create a new object:

  1. Open a scenario or team design.
  2. Click the Node menu of the org unit, or position where you want to add the new object.
  3. Select Create Org Unit, Create Position or Create Employee as appropriate. You may add org units and positions to org units, add positions to positions, and add employees to positions.
  4. Enter the name and abbreviation of the object you're adding and click either Create or Submit & Edit.

If you clicked Create, Nakisa HR Suite will create the new objects and you will see a grey outline over the upper right corner of the new object you created.

If you clicked Submit & Edit, Nakisa HR Suite creates the new object, then opens the Edit object dialogue. Enter any relevant data to your new object, then click Submit.

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