Dormant Scenarios

When a Scenario has had no activity on it for a specific amount of time (60, 90, 120 days) it becomes dormant. Before a Scenario becomes dormant, a notification and an email will be issued seven days before and one day before the Scenario becomes dormant. Once a Scenario becomes dormant, you will receive an email notification informing you of the change. Once dormant, the Scenario will no longer be indexed until it is manually reactivated, and the current Scenario index will be deleted.

Dormant Scenarios will still appear in the Scenario list but will appear grayed out and do not have an impact on the Scenario limit. You can reactivate a Dormant Scenario by clicking the Reactivate button, which will create an index for the Scenario and bring it back to its original status.

Only the creator of the scenario can reactivate it through Nakisa HR Suite. If the creator is unable to reactivate the scenario, (no longer with the company for example), a new employee needs to be assigned through the Nakisa AdminConsole. The new owner is given full access rights but do not become the creator. Only the creator of the scenario can reactive it. If you want to activate the Dormant Scenario, the new owner needs to copy it and then activate it. This makes the new owner the creator and can then activate the scenario. For more information about assigning users to scenario and scenario maintenance, refer to the Nakisa Administration Guide.

Note: Before reactivating a Scenario, make sure to respect the Scenario limits. If the limit is set to four and there are already four active Scenarios, you will not be able to reactivate the Dormant Scenario.

Note: When making a copy of a scenario, not all of the data elements associated with it are copied over to the new scenario. (Nakisa assumes that you are copying the scenarios a template or foundation to work from. To speed up the process, certain analytic components that are expected to change are not copied). The following table lists which elements of a scenario will be copied and which will not.

Feature/Content Copied
Executive summary No
Scenario validation No
Activation Log No
Audit Log No
Discussion No
DropZone No
Changes Report No
Sync scenario No
Scenario properties (key date, created by, created on, modified on, status) No
Scenario overview (description, objectives, work areas) Yes
Targets Yes
Share Scenario (Shared with) Yes
Created/Modified/Delimited objects Yes

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