Work Area Discussions

Within each work area, authorized users can maintain discussions regarding the work area. This is a good way to keep track of the decisions being debated and made and the actions taken based on those decisions. When a user starts a discussion in a work area, all of the users working on that work area will receive a notification.

To start or participate in a scenario:

  1. Load the scenario with the work area you want to discuss.
  2. Click the Context menu at the top of the Work Area Assigned to Me and select Discussion.
  3. If you need to edit or delete your most comment, mouse over the comment and select the Edit or Delete icons and save the appropriate changes.

To attach a URL to a discussion:

  1. From within an existing discussion, click the Attachment button .
  2. Enter a title for the URL, then enter the URL in the Attachment URL field.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Enter the message that accompanies the URL and click Send.

Note: If the discussion has already begun, you can open it from your Notification.

Tip: To insert a hard return in a discussion without submitting your message, press Enter. To submit your message, press Shift-Enter or click Send.

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