Scenario Key Date

When working with scenarios, you can establish the date on which you want your scenario to become active. When you create a scenario, you are not working with live data, but with a snapshot of what your data is projected to be on a specific date, which is the Key Date. This is usually the day on which you expect your scenario to come into effect. What the Key Date does is tell the application what date to base the scenario’s dataset on.

If your Nakisa administrator has activated the Key Date functionality in your environment, you will set the Key Date when you initially create a scenario.

To change the key date for a scenario:

  1. Open the Main Menu and select My Scenarios.
  2. Click the scenario you want to open. This opens the scenario's landing page.
  3. Click Actions and select Change Key Date.
  4. Click Select new Key Date. This opens a date picker calendar.
  5. Select the new key date for your scenario. Your initially selected date appears in green, and your newly selected date appears in blue.
  6. Click Prepare New Report. Click Confirm in the dialog that opens.
  7. Resolve any conflicts that the report identifies and click Apply.
  8. Click Change Key Date.

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